May 26, 2017

Should You Replace Your Home's Siding with Hardi Board?

Jared: All right, let's go to an email question, this is from John Inokawa, and he writes, "I'm thinking about replacing the siding on my house, right now I have siding that I believe is called T1-11, I was thinking about replacing it with Hardi board, what are your thoughts?"

May 24, 2017

Which Skylight is Right for Your Home?

Jerry asks, “I am thinking about installing a skylight. I have heard that there are different types of skylights. My in-laws have one that I think is plastic. It is very noisy when it rains and is extremely hot. I’ve heard that there are glass ones. What are the different types? Is there a glass one that doesn’t make all the noise in the rain and filters some of the heat?

May 22, 2017

Slow Toilet Flush Leaves Homeowner Stymied

Lisa asks, "My toilet has a very slow flush. It doesn't give you a complete flush when you need it to. Is there anything I can do to head off any trouble in the future?"

May 19, 2017

Why Is It So Crazy Hot Upstairs?

Guido: I've got a six year old lower-end rental house, and my tenants are complaining about excessive air conditioning bills. I had a contractor go in to assess the situation. Having used a FLIR,“ forward-looking infrared camera ,“ there's a ten to fifteen degree temperature difference between the first and the second floors. We're losing so much air conditioning out of that place on the second fl

May 17, 2017

Five Questions You Should Ask Your General Contractor

Maintaining commercial property can be a complicated process. It is an investment in finances and time, so you'll want to make sure you're working with someone w[-]ho can commit to meeting your needs for an extended period of time. Before deciding on your general contractor, be sure to ask the following five questions to ensure you make the right decision.

May 09, 2017

Repair or Replace? 7 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

Regular maintenance and repairs extend the life of your roof for a decade or longer, but when is the damage extensive enough to warrant a fullroof replacement? Here are seven signs that it is time for you to invest in a new roof rather than patch a problem.

Apr 25, 2017

11 Spring Cleaning Musts for Your Roof

When you think of spring cleaning, most people only consider the inside of their home. But if you step outside and look up, you'll notice that your roof could use a little TLC. Spring cleaning a roof is more than simply blowing off the fall leaves. Before you risk life and limb venturing out onto your roof, consider hiring a roofing contractor. Professional cleaning and maintenance allow you to st

Apr 24, 2017

Home Improvement: Money in Your Pocket Through Energy Efficiency

  As today’s housing market snaps back, consumers are buying or renovating homes with hopes of getting the most out of their home improvement dollar. Here are some things you can do at home to stretch that dollar – and even make you money

Apr 04, 2017

Spring Cleaning, Both Inside and Out

Planting flowers, cutting the grass and dusting off patio furniture may all be on your spring cleaning checklist this time of year, but as you get started on your outdoor to-dos, be sure to remember your roof, gutters, windows and doors. 

Mar 29, 2017

8 Things to Expect During a Roof Replacement

Unlike your kitchen pantry, it isn’t necessary to replace your roof every other week. Replacing the roof of your home is an investment. And if chosen carefully, can last you many years to come. Whether you’re replacing due to storm damage or simply upgrading for aesthetic, Universal Roof & Contracting is here to help you make an informed decision on the matter.

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